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Layla Eloá

I was introduced to photography during a special time of my life and since then, it has brought out the best in me. I hold an incredible passion for documenting life and different cultures. Being a photographer allows me to translate the world as a universal language, no matter where we are. I collect stories of people’s lives; I share their emotions and relay them through my pictures.

The essence of what I believe is joy and authenticity. You choose the place and the way to celebrate life, and I will take care of having the best possible pages of this chapter for your memory book.

What would make your photography experience unique and unforgettable will always be the love, in all of it’s varieties.

Layla Eloá (Photographer born in São Paulo, now shares her time between the USA and Brazil, but always ready to photograph at any destination).


Awards & Features

Junebug Weddings - The World

1st Place Pop Fine Art Photo of 2012 – Brazil


1st Place Pop Fine Art Photo of 2012 – Brazil


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