Storytelling through timeless & JOYFUL pictures for 17 years - Captivating and Graceful fine Art Photography

“'' It's like she was feeling what we were feeling at the moment, it feels like we can hear the sound of the music".”



She has a special talent to be part of everything, yet remain unnoticed. She has an innate ability to capture the images that will be important to you. She listens, is always in tune with the moment, and above all she cares. Layla is there for you the entire time"



Bridgeport Art Center

Together, we will capture something incredible and filled with joyful memories.

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Cured gallery with bold and intuitive black & white moments

Capturing light & feelings and all the things in between people and life.  The images are carefully craft with a romantic and artistic touch.


HI! I AM LAYLA AND I am so HAPPY you are here.

I hold an incredible passion for documenting life and I am truly grateful to the 300 + weddings and the amazing people who have trusted my vision & enthusiasm, by choosing me to photograph their weddings over the last 17 years.

My experience gives me the true ability to understand who is on the other side of the camera, and how to use lighting and creativity to translate the world as a universal language, no matter where we are.

The essence of what I believe is joy and authenticity. Photos that are naturally full of fun and personality, which is how love should always be. I truly enjoy seeing moments beyond what is happening and having photos that will represent exactly who you are.

it is all about

the love

Photography brought some of the best experiences in my life and I am so grateful for that. I have had the pleasure to speak as an educator and win awards in the past - and in all these years traveling as a destination photographer and working with weddings in different countries and cultures, I can affirm that what will make your photography experience unique and forever memorable, will always be


Heirloom Album

Thoughtfully designed. The layered weaves of the linen book highlights the craftsmanship and beauty of the Heirloom albums. They are meticulously designed to preserve your wedding memories, emotions and soul.

Curated with creativity and collaboration, the Heirloom album is not only a piece of fine art, but a true Labor of Love.


"The photographers turned out beautifully, way beyond our expectations. Layla was very organized and professional. She is very charming and personable and made the sometimes daunting task of being photographed, light-hearted and relaxing"

Melanie and Trent

Have you ever met someone, and you just know that there is something special about them, but you can't quite put it into words until you see the magic that they create? That special someone is Layla. She goes out of her way to ensure that she is clear in her understanding of what matters most to you on your special day, and then executes according to plan, beyond your expectations. Layla also knows that the best laid plans can change, and she is willing and able to accommodate with grace and ease. Her ability to capture unspoken moments is captivating. Her keen eye is able to assess the changing environment and to readjust on a moment's notice, in order to get the best shot and the most impressionable image. Layla has something inside that is not contrived or fabricated, but authentic. She loves what she does, and it shows. If your goal is to love and gush over your wedding pictures.

" many guests mentioned Layla's name as someone they will remember for being kind, gracious and talented;

layla made our wedding pictures an everlasting memory.

Patrick and Gill

The thing we've learned is that when you have your wedding, there's months and months of planning, then the day of the wedding where time runs slow, but of course it does come to an end and what you're left with is an imprint of your feelings and memories -- that is if you don't have Layla as your photographer.

With Layla's candid, lovely photos, we're able to convince ourselves it wasn't just a fleeting dream.

Layla was able to gently guide us to get high quality professional shots, while not making things too fussy. She knew when to ask for our time, and when to allow us to be present in the moment. She also, was able to extend that kindness to our family members who are aspiring photographers themselves, giving them the space to take shots. We have gotten the wedding photos, and they are of the highest quality and authentic style we were seeking.

“Layla was absolutely amazing to work with! She was full of energy and creative ideas all day. Our pictures are stunning— she has such a gift!”

Cynthia and Alex

Layla was exceptional to work with! I have a huge family and majority speaks different languages, Layla made it a seamless process during our wedding photograph session. She has an impressive mastery of lighting. We had indoor and outdoor photographs and we were so moved by her work! She captured emotions and the over all experience of our wedding. The presentation of her work was also another must mention. The usb and the encasement of everything was an adorable presentation that essentially is a keepsake. Our album is beyond words. The quality of the pages and the photographs, not to mention, the patience Layla had with me to design the photograph layout for the album, it was over all WONDERFUL! She is truly a gem!!!

Nicollete and Kyle

No words can accurately describe how wonderful it is to have Layla as your wedding photographer in Punta Cana. Her photos are otherworldly and her personality is genuine and kind. She is so easy to work with-- when you first meet with her it is as though you have been friends forever, and while shooting, she makes you feel confident, comfortable and relaxed.

Her style is natural and candid. Her photos are a true depiction of what actually happened at our wedding. Many times, wedding photographers focus on the traditional photos or posed shots, and they often miss out on the beautiful organic moments. Layla caught The photos immediately evoked tears. Every shot was sequential and comprehensive... like a movie. Not one guest was passed over. The emotion caught on film was seriously staggering. I didn't even know it was possible to show such happiness through pictures. I am in love with every single picture she took I think it is safe to say that we LOVE Layla. You will too. Layla's photos are one of a kind, and for such a cherished memory as your wedding day, you shouldn't want anything less

" We were impressed with Layla's professionalism, organization, and efficiency.

She made us feel so comfortable throughout this new experience of professional photography and she puts her heart into it. She is AMAZING. " Pauline & John

Karen and Joe

Layla was personable, friendly, professional and the sweetest person you will ever meet! She is simply amazing and very talented! The photos turned out amazing! And omg! our wedding photo album was breathtaking, and it was also delivered so quickly... we cannot thank you enough for the extra hand with both children crying for their mom while we were taking pictures the morning of the wedding.

We could not be more pleased and grateful for going above and beyond and making our day so special by capturing our special day so beautifully.

Meredith and Andrew 

She was very popular with our guests for her friendly attitude. She was efficient at getting through a lot of formal family shots and always made us feel relaxed and comfortable. She took delightful candid photos throughout the speeches, dinner, and dancing which perfectly capture our wedding day.

The photos look very natural, are well framed and the lighting and color is perfect.


for lighting and framing photos is evident in the photos"


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